Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For further blog-related work, and how I tied much of this work into personal projects and other modules, please check www.enteagd.tumblr.com.

This blog also contains links to other artists and articles of note that have shaped my development.

Driver for the Vehicle and Driver project!

This is one of the first women I have ever drawn, so felt the need to get it right.

Reference-wise, it was difficult to find an image when searching for "female mechanic" that wasn't hyper sexualised. She's a biker and racer - the character was hardly going to be a voluptious damsel in distress.

I am hopeful that I nailed the correct tone for the image, even though a lot of the anatomy (hands especially) is incorrect.

This was a bored little sketch at work, based off one of my influences Tom Siddell (creator of www.gunnerkrigg.com)

He rarely does black and white, but I love the way he utilises colour.

Third attempt at vehicle design. Its some sort of walking suit for repairing undersea oil rigs.

Second attempt at the Vehicle Design project.

Learning from mistakes, I went into this one with a solid plan in mind. I wanted to create a vehicle capable of traversing a desert wasteland and on being souped up for races. They would be used by a "mad max" like tribal road gang.

I chose sandy colours and big chunky tires for this reason, and included lots of spikes because road gangs love spikes.

The lineart could use work - I hadn't used my tablet for a while and as such it was very shaky.

The seat is also wrong, the perspective is off.
Street Scene Design.

Building design in google sketch up. These are to be used to build a street scene to be painted over for environment design.

Shadow based character design.

I have posted this character several times before, but not worked on the design in this way.

It was a design method introduced to me by Valve.

Valve designed all their characters in Team Fortress 2 as silhoeuttes. The idea was that each class had to be instantly recognisable from a distance, and not be confused with others, so as to facilitate the frantic online gameplay that is so prevalent in TF2.

Another character design, for the expressions project. Started with a sketch, built the costume up on top as before.

Sadly, the weakest part of this image is the character's face - which was the whole point of the project, as I had to create different expressions.

Based heavily on Tintin.

Another weapon design, completing the set.

Stages in creating an armour design. I started with a basic grey anatomy sketch, then began to layer the armour design on top.

The general idea behind the armour is that it is futuristic, but ragtag. The idea was that every soldier's armour and weapons would be different, as they patched up, augmented and customised them with whatever they could find on the battlefield.

This armour is meant to match the weapons posted earlier.

Quick painting and sketching exercise. Not hugely happy with the quality of this, but that just underlines my need to practise with these exercises more!

More pen based sketchbook stuff. This was for various projects across the course, and while they are not exactly technically profficient artistically, they were good practice in the use of light and shade.

Bit of video game-related "fanart" to try out my new pens. I hate the term fanart, as it conjures up images of Blonic and Blails, but that is, essentially, what this is.

Kingdom Hearts and Darksiders.

Really enjoyed using the different pen thicknesses.

I have been taking a lot of inspiration from real life animals recently. There is stuff out in the world that is more exciting than anything one could design from scratch, like this gross caterpillar.

Finished versions of the Weapon Designs. Very simple shading - two layers of transparent solid black, and a layer of transparent solid white, with a gun metal texture multiplied across.


Early sketches and colours for the Weapon Design task. All of these were based off real world weaponry, including Desert Eagles and Strikers. I tried to imagine what each weapon would look like in the future if "rail gun" tech existed!

The only GLARING inaccuracy is the fact that the heavy rifle has no obvious ammo magazine, because it didn't look aesthetically pleasing.
Pokemon warm up thing.
Short lived, doomed sketch from the vehicle project. I dived into the design without planning much out beforehand, and the whole thing was an unmitigated disaster. The less said about the "finished" image, the better...
Early sketches from my "Cartoon" style character. Influenced heavily by Quentin Blake!

Various sketches, preparing for the mixed media piece. Examining various Influences and art styles, including Gorey.

Character Design

This is a work in progress for a driver character design. Very happy with the painting on the arms but overall do not like the characters. They feel "safe" and boring.