Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For further blog-related work, and how I tied much of this work into personal projects and other modules, please check www.enteagd.tumblr.com.

This blog also contains links to other artists and articles of note that have shaped my development.

Driver for the Vehicle and Driver project!

This is one of the first women I have ever drawn, so felt the need to get it right.

Reference-wise, it was difficult to find an image when searching for "female mechanic" that wasn't hyper sexualised. She's a biker and racer - the character was hardly going to be a voluptious damsel in distress.

I am hopeful that I nailed the correct tone for the image, even though a lot of the anatomy (hands especially) is incorrect.

This was a bored little sketch at work, based off one of my influences Tom Siddell (creator of www.gunnerkrigg.com)

He rarely does black and white, but I love the way he utilises colour.

Third attempt at vehicle design. Its some sort of walking suit for repairing undersea oil rigs.

Second attempt at the Vehicle Design project.

Learning from mistakes, I went into this one with a solid plan in mind. I wanted to create a vehicle capable of traversing a desert wasteland and on being souped up for races. They would be used by a "mad max" like tribal road gang.

I chose sandy colours and big chunky tires for this reason, and included lots of spikes because road gangs love spikes.

The lineart could use work - I hadn't used my tablet for a while and as such it was very shaky.

The seat is also wrong, the perspective is off.
Street Scene Design.

Building design in google sketch up. These are to be used to build a street scene to be painted over for environment design.